"Vanilla" single strand string, natural cotton

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Single twisted soft cotton string with 2, 3, 5 and 8 mm thickness, perfect for macramé! The string is soft on your hands and easy to fray so you can get that fluffy and soft effect, but still holds together during the knotting. I call them 'Vanilla' due to the tiny black spots that often come with the 100 % non dyed or bleached, natural cotton.
Length per kilo*:
  • 2 mm ~ 400-450 meters
  • 3 mm ~ 300-330 meters
  • 5 mm ~ 200 meters
  • 8 mm ~ 50-60 meters
*these measurements are approximate and vary depending on how tightly twisted the string is or how tightly spooled it is around the cone.
The string tends to expand once it is cut and therefore diameter measuring varies depending on how the string is measured - tightly wound or after it's cut. 

Please note that if you purchase the string at separate occasions you might find slight colour and thickness variations between the spools. Please make sure that you purchase enough for your projects so you avoid having issues with colour differences in them!


Makramésnöre i bomull

100 % bomullssnöre som är supermjukt och perfekt för makramé! Snöret är enkelt att fransa upp för att få en fluffig och mjuk effekt samtidigt som det håller samman medan du knyter.
Detta snöre består av 100% naturligt och oblekt bomull och är 2, 3, 5 och 8 millimeter tjockt.

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