4mm Natural cotton rope, 11.2kg
4mm Natural cotton rope, 11.2kg
4mm Natural cotton rope, 11.2kg

4mm Natural cotton rope, 11.2kg

Please note that this item has a longer delivery time (usually about 4-6 working days extra). This means your whole order takes a little longer until it ships.

3-ply twisted cotton rope on a huge spool for those wanting to go all in with their macramé!

100 % raw cotton, 4 millimeter diameter. Each spool weighs 11.2 kilograms (24.7 pounds). The third photo shows a comparison between the large spool, the 1 kg and 0.5kg spools.

Price per spool is 2500 SEK, cost of shipping not included.

You may find it interesting that...:
  • This rope is made in Sweden by a small family run company with over a 100 years of experience in making quality rope. 
  • I have personally visited the factory twice and know that all their rope is made with a lot of pride and dedication.
  • The cotton is bought from India from suppliers who have been carefully selected. 
  • The production runs solely on solar energy. 
  • The company has decided to switch to organic cotton and will most likely do so within the next year! From then on, I will label this rope "Organic".

Makramérep i bomull

4mm tjockt makramérep i 100 % bomull på en stor rulle för dig som vill satsa ordentligt på knytandet! Om produkten är slut får du gärna kontakta mig, jag gör mitt bästa för att tillgodose dina repbehov!

Varje rulle väger 11,2 kg.

Priset för en rulle är 2500 kronor inklusive 25 % moms. Frakt tillkommer.

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