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Createaholic is a one-stop shop offering supplies to fiber artists and creatives around the world. The main focus is on macramé and weaving but you will find products for other crafts here as well.

This website is run by me, Fanny Zedenius, a Swedish macramé artist and author of books about macramé. I am based in Stockholm, Sweden, and have a long history of exploring different crafts. Besides offering crafting supplies, I use this website as a platform for inspiration where I offer DIY patterns and occasionally write blog posts. It is also where you will find all the information you may seek about my bestselling macramé books.

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How it all started

I discovered macramé in late 2014 when I made my very first plant hanger. At the time, I was studying International Relations at Stockholm University and doing an internship with UN Women Sweden. After that first plant hanger, all spare time I had came to revolve around rope and knots. There really weren't many people that had heard about macramé in Sweden at that time, so I taught myself the basics by looking at illustrations of knots on the internet while searching high and low for good materials and supplies and sharing my journey through my Instagram account @createaholic that I had started back in 2014.

Through Instagram I began getting requests from people wanting to purchase my makes so I decided to register a business in 2015. Soon there were also requests for workshops, and interest in purchasing materials grew more and more - quality rope and cord was extremely hard to come by at the time. I took the decision to focus my business not just on selling my art but on supplying materials and teaching macramé as well.

Writing my first book...

In 2016 I was contacted by a publisher in London about writing and illustrating a modern book about macramé seeing as there were mainly books froom the 70s that taught this increasingly popular craft. Me and my partner already had plans to take a year to travel around the world, so I worked intensely to put together my book before we left, and then wrote and illustrated the final parts in the first parts of our travels. It was a surreal experience seeing as I had zero experience in writing and illustrating professionally, but I put in everything I wished I could have had access to when I was first learning the craft.

My book Macramé - the craft of creative knotting for your home was released in 2017 when we were still out traveling, and I received a first copy of it when we were spending a month in Cape town, South Africa (pictured in the photo). Years later, it has sold over 185.000 copies worldwide and has been translated into 11 different languages.

Createaholic today

After we got back from our travels in 2017, I decided to put my business to the test and gave myself 6 months to see if this was something I could work on full time. I widened my range of supplies significantly and Createaholic became the biggest supplier of macramé ropes and materials in Scandinavia.

In 2019 I worked on my second macramé book and hosted a Macramé retreat in Portugal. In 2020 Macramé 2 came out and I also became a mother to our little Noah. In 2022 I launched a class on Domestika teaching macraweaving, wrote and illustrated my third book and welcomed Noah's little brother Seth into our family. In June 2023 Macramé Accessories launched!

All in all, I can confidently say that I am working with the dream job I never even knew existed some years ago! Thank you to all my customers, followers and readers through out the years. You mean the world to me as none of this would have been possible without you!

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