Make your own Baby nest! Step-by-step tutorial

As the Createaholic I am, when Simon and I found out that we were going to have a baby I knew there were plenty of baby items I wanted to make myself. A baby nest is both very practical (well, so I've heard!) and cute. Furthermore, it isn't necessarily that complicated to make! There are several tutorials out there, and I browsed through a couple before ending up making my own version based on a combination of different baby nest tutorials. 
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How to make your own Christmas paper stars

The other week I posted a photo of paper stars I decorated our kitchen with. I received questions about a tutorial in English since the ones I referred to were in Swedish. So here you are!

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Our macramé retreat - a magical week of knotting in Portugal

It has been a little over 2 weeks since I came home from our macramé retreat in the pretty little town called Ericeira in Portugal, just north of Lisbon. It was one of those weeks that created memories that will stay with me forever, and I am still sorting through my emotions after the intense week I spent together with 14 amazing women from around the world. But it is time I share a little bit more about what our week looked like (I’ll let the video and photos do most of the talking though)!
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How to crochet a basket with macramé single twist string


As promised, here is a tutorial for a crochet basket! I made a new basket in natural cotton (the 5mm 'Vanilla') and turquoise (the 5mm 'Mint'). It is slightly smaller than the other one I made in shades of grey and pink, but you can use any colours and make the basket as big or small as you like. 

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New knot tutorial!

I just finished another knot tutorial. Let me present ABOK #2274!

ABOK #2274 (from the knot bible Ashley's Book of Knots from 1944) resembles the Prolong knot (#2242), but is wider and rounder. I used 5mm thick cord and about 4.5 metres to double this knot.

Remember, on YouTube you can choose to slow down the speed if you want!

Enjoy. :)



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