'Macramé' - The craft of creative knotting for your home was released in 2017 and has since been translated into 11 other languages and sold over 185.000 copies worldwide!

'Macramé' is the perfect beginner's guide with step-by-step illustrations and clear instructions so that even if you are a complete beginner you will be able to make those intricate designs!

Starting off with the basics, the book takes you through what materials to use, fraying, how to find rope,  and what tools you may need. The knot gallery in Macramé covers 30 of the most popular knots plus provides tips on how to create 7 different patterns through various knot combinations. I have also included 20 of my original projects for you to make yourself - everything from wall hangings and plant hangers to a curtain, a bench and much more.


Help and amendments

What materials to get for the projects

Bonus Materials

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Available locally in the following languages

English (original)

Macramé - The Craft Of Creative Knotting For Your Home (Quadrille Publishing)


Makramee - Wohnideen und Accessories. Kreative Knüpfprojekte im Scandi-Stil (Frech Verlag)


Macramé. El arte del nudo creativo (Promopress)


Macramé. 20 modèles pour une maison inspirée (Mango Éditions)


Макраме. 20 плетеных предметов декора для вашего дома (МАНН, ИВАНОВ и ФЕРБЕР)


Macramé. Knoop er op los (Manteau)


Macramè. Creazioni per la casa con l'arte dei nodi (Il Castello)


Makramé. Dekorative og kreative knuter (Cappelen Damm)


Makrameen mailma. Kaunista kotiin luovasti solmeillen (Kustannus-Mäkelä)


Makramé. Kreativt knytande för hemmet (Tukan Förlag)


绳编(手工编织波西米亚风家居饰物)/匠心匠艺 (化学工业出版社)


마크라메. 기초부터 실전까지 서양식 매듭으로 완성하는 인테리어 (출판사클)

Help & Corrections

Find explanations to common questions about certain projects and
important amendments to known mistakes in the first print.

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Wondering what materials you will need to make the projects in this book?

There are 20 unique projects in 'Macramé' and you are able to find all the materials that the projects call for in my shop!

If you want to source the materials elsewhere and struggle to find the exact same thickness and type, you can of course use other materials. Be aware though that a minor change in thickness/structure can change what dimensions you need. If you increase thickness you need to add length to the cords, for instance. I recommend cutting more than you think you will need.

  • Plant hangers
    All five are made with 3-ply rope with either 2.5 or 4mm thickness. You need between 40-45 meters in each project.

  • Wall hangings
    There are six different wall hanging projects and they vary in size and difficulty. They are made with 2.5/4mm 3-ply rope, except for the largest which is made with 5mm braided sash cord.
    The smallest wall hangings calls for ~50-55 meters (2.5mm) while the medium sized need about 80-90 (4mm), and the large between ~250-300 meters (4 & 5mm).

  • Dream catchers
    Two are made with between 45-70 meters of 2.5mm 3-ply rope and one is made with ~85 meters T-shirt yarn.

  • Other home accents
    There are six more projects varying in size and difficulty (place mat, lantern, garland, table runner, curtain and bench). They are made with 2.5mm or 4mm 3-ply rope. For the macramé curtain (one of the most popular projects and the largest in this book) you need approximately 500 meters of 4mm 3-ply rope.

Purchase materials for your projects!

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Organic cotton rope, 1kg

160 kr

Organic cotton rope, 0.5kg

Bonus material

Download PDFs with knots and patterns to extend your learning beyond the books.
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