'Macramé 2'

'Macramé 2. Homewares, Accessories and More - How to take your knotting to the next level' was published early 2020 and contains everything you need to know in order to excel at macramé.

In 'Macramé 2' you will find new, more advanced knots, new patterns and 20 beautiful and unique projects including garments, a floor pouffe and a bed canopy. You will find instructions on botanical dyeing, how to include weaving in your macramé, how to better calculate lengths and so much more!

Available locally in the following languages

English (original)

Macramé 2. Homewares, Accessories And More - How To Take Your Knotting to The Next Level (Quadrille Publishing)


Macramé 2 (Manteau)


Macramé. Une passion créative - 20 modèls d'exception (Mango Éditions)


Makrameen uusi maailma. Seinävaatteita, Asusteita ja paljon muuta - Näin viet solmeilun taitosi uudelle tasolle (Kustannus-Mäkelä)

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Find explanations to common questions about certain projects and
important amendments to known mistakes in the first print.

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'Macramé 2' can be found in bookstores around the world, both offline and online. Here I have collected lists of some of the places I know about, but you can always Google around to find bookstores closer to you. 
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Wondering what materials you will need to make the projects in this book?

There are 20 unique projects in 'Macramé 2' varying in size and difficulty, with smaller projects such as plant hangers for instance and large scale pieces (curtain and bed canopy for instance). In the book I encourage you to tweak projects or add other elements/techniques that the book teaches whenever you feel like it as a way of putting your own touch on your works. In other words, you can check the list below, but may want to supplement other materials once you begin.

You are able to find (almost) all the materials that the projects specifically call for in my shop. If you want to source the materials elsewhere and struggle to find the exact same thickness and type, you can of course use other materials. Be aware though that a minor change in thickness/structure can change what dimensions you need. If you increase thickness you need to add length to the cords, for instance. I recommend cutting more than you think you will need.

  • Plant hangers
    All five are made with 3-ply rope with either 2.5 or 4mm thickness. You need between 40-45 meters in each project.

  • Wall hangings
    There are six different wall hanging projects and they vary in size and difficulty. They are made with 2.5/4mm 3-ply rope, except for the largest which is made with 5mm braided cord.
    The smallest wall hangings calls for ~50-55 meters (2.5mm) while the medium sized need about 80-90 (4mm), and the large between ~250-300 meters (4 & 5mm).

  • Dream catchers
    Two are made with between 45-70 meters of 2.5mm 3-ply rope and one is made with ~85 meters T-shirt yarn.

  • Other home accents
    There are six more projects varying in size and difficulty (place mat, lantern, garland, table runner, curtain and bench). They are made with 2.5mm or 4mm 3-ply rope. For the macramé curtain (one of the most popular projects and the largest in this book) you need approximately 500 meters of 4mm 3-ply rope.