Macramé Accessories

A Modern Guide to Knotting Accessories

My latest book, perfect for beginners as well as experienced knotters, filled with beautiful projects ranging from accessories and wearables to décor and homewares.

To date, 'Macramé Accessories' is going to be translated into 3 other languages, launching later 2023. Here you will find all there is to know about my third book and more!

About the book

Author & illustrator: Fanny Zedenius | Photographer: Kim Lightbody

Macramé Accessories is the perfect book for beginners and more experienced knotters who want to expand their horizon and discover the vast range of what you can create with knots. Packed with beautiful lifestyle photography and detailed illustrations, this book will not only serve as a go-to guide for all things macramé, but equally well as a decorative coffee table book.

The book starts off with the basics - what materials and tools to use, useful tips and how to use the book to get the most out of it. The knot chapter takes you through all the 20+ knots and techniques that are used throughout the projects.

Finally, I have included patterns to 20 of my original designs for you to make yourself. In the Accessories and wearables chapter you will find 12 projects varying in size and difficulty - necklaces, earrings, backpack, dress, skirt and more. After that, you will find 8 projects in the Décor and homeware chapter - plant hangers, wall hangings, basket, pillow cover, lantern and a macramé swing!

I truly hope that you will love this book as much as I loved making it for all of you in the macramé community!


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Photography by Kim Lightbody. All rights reserved.


´Macramé Accessories´ is available in the following languages


Macramé Accessories - A Modern Guide to Knotting Accessories (Quadrille Publishing)


Macramé - Accessoires mode et déco (Mango Éditions, released September 15th)


Macramé: Accesorios - Una guía para crear únicas para ti y para tu hogar (Editorial GG, released September 18th)


Makrameen Luova Maailma - Opas ihanien asusteiden solmeiluun (Kustannus-Mäkelä, released October 23rd)


There are 20 unique projects in Macramé Accessories and you are able to find the materials that the projects call for in my shop!

If you want to source the materials elsewhere and struggle to find the exact same thickness and type, you can of course use other materials. Be aware though that a minor change in thickness/structure can change what dimensions you need. If you increase thickness you need to add length to the cords, for instance. I recommend cutting more than you think you will need.

There are patterns to two different earrings and three necklaces, plus a headband.

All of them are made with string or yarn that is approximately 1.2-1-5 mm (1/16 in) thick. Some are made with bamboo and some with cotton (warp string), but it's up to you which you prefer. You can use 3 mm bamboo string and separate the threads to get thinner strings.

In some cases you can also use yarn such as "DROPS Muskat".

In regards to amounts, it depends on the project but vary between 10-40 meters approximately.

There are patterns to four different items of clothing in this book.

Ebb and Flow belt - 3 mm single twisted string (bamboo/cotton) in 2 different colours. Amount depends on the size of the belt (approximately 36-50 meters in total).

Delphine beach dress - 3 mm single twisted string (amount depends on the size and length of the dress). A size small-medium is approximately 200 meters.

Twiggy skirt - 3 mm single twisted string (amount depends on the size and length of the skirt). A size small-medium is approximately made with 1.5 kg.

Adelyn Adorned denim jacket - approximately 100 m of 3 mm single twisted string.

This includes a clutch bag and a backpack. 

Cleo clutch bag - approximately 80 m of 3 mm single twisted string in 3 different colours.

Bonnie backpack - approximately 205 m of 3 mm single twisted string.

There are two different patterns for plant hangers.

Triana plant hanger - A triple tiered plant hanger made with 6 mm 3-ply rope (32 m).

Daisy plant hanger - made with 4 different coloured 3 mm bamboo string, approximately 40 meters.

There are two different patterns to wall hangings in this book.

Streak of Gold wall hanging - this wall hanging is made in an organic, non-specific design using approximately 80 m of 8 mm single twisted string in 3 different colours, and 85 m of 5 mm single twisted string in 2 different colours. It also has a 75 cm long dowel rod.

Edelweiss wall hanging - approximately 400 m of 3 mm single twisted string and a 60 cm long dowel rod.

There are four patterns in this category.

Heidi basket - approximately 240 m of 5-6 mm braided sash cord.

Polly pillow cover - approximately 270 m of 3 mm single twisted string.

Japandi lantern lamp - this is a lamp and you need parts to make the electrical work (or use a pendant lamp). You also need 2.2 m of 10 mm wooden dowel rod and 1 m of a wooden rectangular strip. The shades are made with approximately 385 m of 3 mm single twisted string and 8 m of 3 mm single twisted string in a cintrasting colour.

Serenity swing - for this you need a wooden board (the seat) and approximately 100 m of 6 mm 3-ply rope.

Help & Corrections

This will be updated if and when questions come in.

Under "You will need" it says that you will need approximately 105 m (115 yd) of 3 mm single twisted string, but it should in fact be 205 m (230 yd).

If you follow the steps and cut the strands specified in the instructions you will use approximately 205 m. In other words, all the steps under Instructions are correct.