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Square knots are some of the most common knots in macramé. You can combine the square knot to make many different looks and patterns. These videos will show you the basics with some key combinations and go through some tips for when you encounter problems with this knot. Basically I have assembled everything you need to know about this essential macramé knot!


Square knot basics


This video shows you how to tie 1) a left-facing square knot, 2) a right-facing square knot and 3) a square knot that sits further down on the cords.

The most important note for beginners is that when you tighten the knot, do so gently and by pulling the working cords simultaneously - don't tug little by little one working cord at a time.


Common mistakes by beginners and how to avoid them

This video shows you three common mistakes that beginners make with the square knot: 1) making too small loops so you need to fiddle and tighten shoulders, 2) pulling the working cords so that the filler cords bend and tangle and 3) keeping hands in awkward working positions and messing up the order of the cords. The video then shows how to correctly tie the knot! 


Square knot sinnet/sennit

This video shows you how to tie a sinnet (or sennit) of square knots. It also shows you how to know which cord to begin with if you lose track.


Alternating square knots

This video shows how to tie rows of alternating square knots to form a net. The further apart your rows are the looser the net will be, and the closer together they sit, the denser it will become.


This video shows you how to tie alternating square knots to form a diamond pattern. Square knots can be combined in infinite ways to form different shapes and patterns.


Square knots with picots

This video shows you a fun and decorative twist on the square knot sinnet. The picots are the loops formed on the sides of the sinnet and can be as small or large as you wish. Take note that many and large picots use up a lot of your working cords.


Switch knot

This video shows another twist on the square knot sinnet. This is not only a decorative way to tie square knots, but can be practical since you switch which cords are filler cords and which are working cords. This way you don't need different lengths on your working cords vs filler cords.


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