Help and Corrections, 'Macramé'


I want to take a moment to say that errors and mistakes in a craft book is the author's absolute nightmare. I am sorry if you have gotten stuck or frustrated due to any of these errors below. 

In the very first print there were two mistakes, step 2 third paragraph 3 on page 90 and step 19 on page 93. The correct version should read:

Step 2
(Third paragraph) For the third row, skip 2 cords and work 2 alternating square knots, skip 8 cords, work another 4 alternating square knots, skip 8 cords, work another 4 alternating square knots. Repeat this sequence until the third row is completed, ending with 2 alternating square knots and 2 loose ends.

Step 19
Tie a diamond using 8 cords underneath the last row of square knots. For the diamond to the left, begin with cord 5 as the filler cord and tie 4 diagonal clove hitches from right to left. For the right diamond, begin with cord 96 as filler cord and tie 4 diagonal clove hitches going left to right, then use cord 95 as the filler cord to tie 3 diagonal clove hitches from left to right. Complete the bottom half of each diamond by tying 3 diagonal clove hitches from left to right and 4 diagonal clove hitches from right to left, using the last knot to tie the diagonals together.

Help and frequently asked questions

This will be updated over time as more questions come in. :)

Some find the first two steps a little tricky to understand. While it does say to lay the cords parallel, you don't have to lay them straight (the 6m long cords for instance could make this difficult in a small space). The images below show you how you should align the cords (step 1). The proportions are not to scale but the images explain the way you place your cords. 

I sometimes receive questions from readers who wonder if they can sell the items that they have made following the patterns in the book. While it is true that these designs are mine, you have my permission to sell, gift or do whatever you wish with your makes! If you publish them online, I ask that you add a note that says the following: 

Design by Fanny Zedenius, pattern in the book 'Macramé'.

This is a very sensitive subject to many, and while some say that the law says that you can do whatever with what you make yourself, this is not exactly true. More importantly, the law is very different in different countries, some being very strict on this issue. 

I want to emphasise that you are not allowed to sell the actual pattern (the illustrations and texts) or to make your own pattern based on my designs. This includes photocopying or in any way distributing the contents of the book.

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