Help and Corrections, 'Macramé 2'


I want to take a moment to say that errors and mistakes in a craft book is the author's absolute nightmare. I am sorry if you have gotten stuck, frustrated or even have had to start over due to any of these errors below. I wish I could contact each person who has purchased a copy and tell them to write down the corrections, but of course that is not possible.

At the end of step 4 on page 84, you attach fringe. The illustration shows 3 cords between each "diamond" but the text in the first print says to attach just 2 cords. Whether you use 3 or 2 cords is not important, but some have wondered what it should be.

If you want to attach 3 cords, you need to cut an extra 20 cords that are 1.2m long (of the 5mm single twisted string).

Under "Preparation", it should say to cut:

18 cords, each 5.2m long
6 cords, each 10m long
6 cords, each 30cm long

This means that the total amount of material should read Approx. 160m of 5mm single twisted cotton string.

Furthermore, it has become clear that if you don't tie the knots very tight (the pattern calls for firmly tied knots and making the pattern as dense as possible), you may still end up with shorter cords than the original. If you prefer not to tie your knots as tight as possible, add extra length to the 18 cords.

Step 2
Step 2 asks you to tie 10 Square knots across. In order to do this you need to use both two anchor cords on each side, but unfortunately it seems this was not at all clear in the pattern. In other words, when you have attached the 18 lark's head knots you have a total of 36 cords. When you add in the anchor cords on each side, you have a total of 40 cords. Thus, the first knot is tied with the two anchor cords to the left along with the two cord ends from the first lark's head knot.

Some readers have found that a couple of cords come up too short when tying this pattern. Cut your cords a little longer to avoid this. I am going to remake this pattern to see if there is something wrong in the instructions. To be updated.

This only refers to the French translation of Macramé 2 (Macramé, une passion créative).

The size explanations and lengths have been translated to metres instead of centimetres, however the placement of commas are incorrect. When it says to cut cord lengths at 47,5 m, it should in fact be 4,75 m.

Help and frequently asked questions

This will be updated over time as more questions come in. :)

I sometimes receive questions from readers who wonder if they can sell the items that they have made following the patterns in the book. While it is true that these designs are mine, you have my permission to sell, gift or do whatever you wish with your makes! If you publish them online, I ask that you add a note that says the following: 

Design by Fanny Zedenius, pattern in the book 'Macramé 2'.

This is a very sensitive subject to many, and while some say that the law says that you can do whatever with what you make yourself, this is not exactly true. More importantly, the law is very different in different countries, some being very strict on this issue. 

I want to emphasise that you are not allowed to sell the actual pattern (the illustrations and texts) or to make your own pattern based on my designs. This includes photocopying or in any way distributing the contents of the book.

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