Macramé book
'Macramé' by Fanny Zedenius, signed to you
'Macramé' by Fanny Zedenius, signed to you
'Macramé' by Fanny Zedenius, signed to you

'Macramé' by Fanny Zedenius, signed to you

Signed copy of my bestselling book Macramé – the craft of creative knotting for your home which has sold over 100.000 copies worldwide!

I will sign the book to You, but write in the message box at checkout to let me know if you would like me to sign it for someone else or write something specific in case it is supposed to be a gift for someone!

This book takes you through all the essentials: from everything you need to know to get started, to how to think when making large scale projects.

Beginning with the basics, the book takes you through what materials to use, fraying, how to find rope,  and what tools you may need. The knot gallary in Macramé covers 30 of the most popular knots plus provides tips on how to create 7 different patterns through various knot combinations. I have also included 21 of my original projects for you to make yourself- everything from wall hangings and plant hangers to a curtain, a bench and much more.

Each knot, pattern and project includes charts and my step-by-step illustrations, combined with clear instructions so that even if you are a beginner you will be able to make those intricate designs!

Don't forget that there are translated editions of my book in Swedish, Finnish, Spanish, Dutch, French, Norwegian and Korean.

Recommended materials for projects in my book

In my book you will find that most of the projects require rope of 2.5mm and 4mm thickness. I supply ropes in my shop, but if you would like to source your ropes elsewhere and have a hard time finding the exact same rope it isn't a big deal, you just have to adjust dimensions. In case you are planning to use a thicker rope than recommended in the book (for instance 4mm instead of 2.5mm) you need to cut your cords longer, almost double the lengths that are suggested. If you will be using a thinner rope, then cut them the same length. You will most likely end up with too much leftover rope, but rather this than risking cutting too short!

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