My birth story

I thought long about writing down my birth story, about the day that our Noah (previously known as Shrimpy) was born. One year later I am finally doing it, mainly for myself but also for anyone who is interested. Personally I loved reading birth stories when I was pregnant. I know with time passing I will forget the little details, so this is one way of making sure I'll be able to remember in the years to come. This also means that this is going to be crazy long, so buckle up! :D
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A June night in Stockholm

Recently I had the idea to take my camera with me and go out filming Stockholm during the Midsummer weekend. I have so many nostalgic memories from when I was a teenager/in my early twenties and went home from a party or a club in broad daylight, even though it was in the middle of the night. That is June for ya! Since no subways or buses are operating these hours, there were many nights when I walked all the way home, with just the birds as company. On the longest day of the year, it hardly even gets dark before it's time for the sun to come back. And since so many Stockholmers leave the city for country during summer, it can sometimes feel like you have the whole city to yourself.

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