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Make your own Baby nest! Step-by-step tutorial

As the Createaholic I am, when Simon and I found out that we were going to have a baby I knew there were plenty of baby items I wanted to make myself. A baby nest is both very practical (well, so I've heard!) and cute. Furthermore, it isn't necessarily that complicated to make! There are several tutorials out there, and I browsed through a couple before ending up making my own version based on a combination of different baby nest tutorials. 
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How to make your own Christmas paper stars

The other week I posted a photo of paper stars I decorated our kitchen with. I received questions about a tutorial in English since the ones I referred to were in Swedish. So here you are!

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How to crochet a basket with macramé single twist string


As promised, here is a tutorial for a crochet basket! I made a new basket in natural cotton (the 5mm 'Vanilla') and turquoise (the 5mm 'Mint'). It is slightly smaller than the other one I made in shades of grey and pink, but you can use any colours and make the basket as big or small as you like. 

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