3-ply rope, organic cotton
3-ply rope, organic cotton
3-ply rope, organic cotton
3-ply rope, organic cotton
3-ply rope, organic cotton
3-ply rope, organic cotton
3-ply rope, organic cotton
3-ply rope, organic cotton
3-ply rope, organic cotton
3-ply rope, organic cotton
3-ply rope, organic cotton
3-ply rope, organic cotton
3-ply rope, organic cotton
3-ply rope, organic cotton

3-ply rope, organic cotton

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3-ply cotton rope with 4 or 2.5 mm diameter made in Sweden, perfect for macramé! "3-ply" means that it is made of three separate parts that are twined together to form the cord. It is advisable that you tape the ends of your cord when you cut them to avoid fraying during the knotting process. 

Please note that there may be small black spots in the rope which is a natural part of untreated, non-bleached cotton. Also, this rope feels different than the coloured non-organic 4 mm ropes. It is harder and therefore becomes thicker in comparison when you are knotting.

5 kg and XL spool (Special Order)

A huge spool with 2.5 or 4 mm thick rope for those wanting to go all in with their macramé! This item is always available, however you must email me at info@createaholic.se in order to purchase it, and processing time and delivery takes a couple of business days more. Each XL spool weighs about 11-12 kilograms (24.7 pounds) for the 4 mm thickness and about 9 kilograms (19.8 punds) for the 2.5 mm thickness. The price per XL spool is 240 SEK per kilo, so exakt price is based on the exact weight of the spool. Either way, an XL spool saves you money per kilo.

You may find it interesting that...:

  • This rope is made in Sweden by a small family run company with over a 100 years of experience in making quality rope.
  • I have personally visited the factory twice and know that all their rope is made with a lot of pride and dedication.
  • The production runs solely on solar energy.
  • The cotton is bought from India from suppliers who have been carefully selected.


Ekologiskt bomullsrep till makramé

Svensktillverkat makramégarn i 100 % ekologisk bomull, 4 eller 2,5 millimeter tjockt. Det kan finnas små svarta prickar i repet vilket är vanligt för naturlig obehandlad bomull.

Repet är så kallat "treslaget" vilket innebär att det är gjort av tre separata delar som tvinnas ihop till ett rep. Innan du klipper dina längder bör du tejpa ändarna så att de inte fransas upp. När detta rep väl fransas upp får det en vågig effekt på ändarna.

5 kg och XL-spole (Specialbeställning)

2,5/4mm tjockt makramérep i 100 % ekologisk bomull på en stor rulle för dig som vill satsa ordentligt på knytandet! 

Maila mig på info@createaholic.se för att beställa denna produkt.

Varje XL-rulle väger runt 11-12 kg (4 mm) och 9 kg (2,5 mm). Priset är 240 kronor per kilo.

Weight: 500 g / 1 kg / 5 kg / 9-12 kg

Material: 100 % organic cotton from India, GOTS and Oeko Tex Class 1 certified

Thickness: 2.5 mm / 4 mm


  • 2.5 mm (500 g): 125-130 meters (410-426 ft)
  • 2.5 mm (1 kg): 250-260 meters (820-853 ft)
  • 4 mm (500 g): 55-60 meters (180-196 ft)
  • 4 mm (1 kg): 110-120 meters (360-393 ft)

Origin: Sweden

This rope is made of 100% natural cotton and manufactured in Sweden. The cotton which is from India is both GOTS and Oeko Tex Class 1 certified.

*these measurements are approximate 

Large spools are always available via email to info@createaholic.se. Processing time and delivery takes a couple of business days more. 


5 kg spool: 250 SEK per kilo = 1250 for the entire spool

XL spool: 240 SEK per kilo

Weight XL spool

2.5 mm: about 9 kgs (19.8 lbs.)

4 mm: about 11-12 kgs (24-26.5 lbs.)

Once you have placed your order it usually takes 1-3 days to ship. Delivery time depends on the destination.

  • Swedish orders: ship with DHL or Postnord. Usually delivered 2-5 days after payment.
  • European orders: ship with UPS or Postnord (Swedish postal service). Usually take 3-8 days depending on destination.
  • International orders: ship with Postnord, FedEx or UPS. Delivery time depends on destination.

For more info about shipping, see here.

All orders within Sweden are eligible for free returns (30 dagars öppet köp).

Orders outside of Sweden can be eligible for free returns, but please read my Refund policy.

Always contact info@createaholic.se before making any returns.

3 ply rope

3-ply rope is the perfect cord for beginners. It holds together very well during knotting (given that you have taped the ends to avoid fraying) whereas single strand string can sometimes untwine slightly requiring you to twist it during the process. 3-ply rope gives a more textured than soft look and is very common in plant hangers for instance.

The organic 3-ply rope is harder than the non-organic 4 mm rope because it is twisted tighter. This cord has no stretch to it which can be an advantage in some projects.

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Bästa makramégarn

Alltid bra service, snabb leverans och superkvalitet på produkterna! Jag är alltid nöjd när jag handlat hos Fanny!

Maria Zimdahl

Produkten kom i tid och den är bra :)







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