How to make your own Christmas paper stars

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The other week I posted a photo of paper stars I decorated our kitchen with. I received questions about a tutorial in English since the ones I referred to were in Swedish. So here you are!

Making paper stars is really easy. All you need is:

- paper (preferably not too thin)

- scissors

- glue (I used a glue gun)

- and some string

The paper I used was pretty thick and measured about 30x30cm. If you happen to have some pretty wallpaper left over it will work perfectly! But you can also use thinner paper, just make sure it is sturdy enough to keep in shape.

1. Begin by folding a tiny bit on two sides of the paper. 

2. Fold the paper lengthwise, accordion style. The more you fold it, the more points your star will have and vice versa.

3. Cut two "dents" into the smaller sides that you folded in the first step, placed in the middle on both sides.

4. Tie a string around the paper, placed in the middle where you cut the paper. Take another paper and repeat steps 1-3. 

5. Tie a string around both pieces. Make it firm.  

6. Now glue together both pieces. Try to place the small foldings from the first step so that they overlap, and glue them together like this.

7. Now cut the edges as you wish. If you cut them round like I did, your star will have rounded points. Cut the ends off diagonally to get a pointy star.

8. Glue together the two remaining sides.

9. Cut a small hole to insert a string into. This will be the string your star hangs from.

10. Done!



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