DIY Macramé Candy Canes

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Macramé candy canes may be the easiest Christmas decor you can DIY with knots! You only use one type of knot which, once you learn to master it, is really simple - the crown knot. To think that one knot can make something so sweet! ;)

To make 1 candy cane you need: 

This tutorial includes a video plus step-by-step instructions with photos. Scroll down to check out the steps before you start watching the video, just a little tip.

Step 1

Lay your red and white cord crossed over each other (all four ends should be equally long).

Step 2

Begin tying your first crown knot. You lay each cord over the one next to it. The fourth cord is inserted in the loop created by the first cord (#4).

Begin tightening the knot, little by little, and try to maintain the correct square shape as you go.

Step 3

Continue tying two more crown knots, just as you did with the first.

Step 4

Take the wire and, if it is thin, fold it a couple of times to make it stronger. The final length should be about 18cm. Insert one end of the wire into the crown knots' centre.

Step 5 

Tie crown knots around the wire to cover it completely.

Step 6

It's time to hide the ends! I use forceps to do this, but a good crochet hook or pliers could do the trick. Gently pull the first end through the knot. If it's a white cord, pull it under the closest white "bump".

Continue pulling it through two more "bumps" and then repeat with the other cords.

Step 7

Carefully cut off the ends as close to the cane as possible and push in any visible ends as best you can.

Step 8

Bend your cane to your preferred shape!

Step 9

Time to attach a cord so you can hang your candy cane. I also attached a little bell to mine. Use the forceps once more to bring the (thinner) green cord under a bump on the top. 

Tie a knot to fasten it and then tie a bow to make a loop so you can hang your candy cane!

All done! Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial :)
<3 Fanny

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  • reminds me of “gimp” at camp!

    Nancy on
  • @Monik Thank you! :) So glad you like them!

    Fanny Zedenius on
  • How beautiful ! can’t wait to try them. Thank you Fanny for sharing your amazing talents with us 🎄

    Monik Nyren on

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