Pumpkin pompoms for a fluffy Halloween!

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I know Halloween is but a day away, but this fun Halloween decor is made in a heartbeat! Decorate your Halloween dinner table with these cute pumpkin pompoms or make a garland of them to hang in your home. :)

You will need:

  • Orange single twisted string or yarn (I used my Pumpkin 5 mm string)
  • Green single twisted string or yarn (I used my Sage Green 3mm string)
  • Scissors
  • Forceps or a crochet hook
  • Brush (preferably a pet brush) 

Let's begin!


Wrap the orange string around your fingers. 

Gently remove the coil of string from your fingers so that the coil stays intact.

Cut a ~25 cm long cord and separate the fibers so that you get a thinner string.

Take the thin string and tie it around your coil. Tighten the knot as much as possible then turn the coil around.

Tie another knot on the other side, tightening the string around the coil a bit more if possible.

Cut the loops on both sides.

Cut a ~20 cm long green cord. Use forceps or a crochet hook to bring the cord under the tightened orange string. 

Stop pulling once the ends are equally long.

Take the green string and start tying knots on top of each other.

Once you're done, cut the ends close to the last knot.

Start brushing your strings. I didn't have my pet brush around, so I had to use what I had. :)


Once all the fibers are separated, start brushing the fibers making the pumpkin round.

Start cutting the orange fringe to shape your pumpkin.

Try making it as round as possible.

Done! :D I hope you enjoyed my tutorial! <3


 Please tag me @createaholic if you make your own pumpkin pompoms - I would love to see them! :)







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